The Effect Of Humidity On The Brain

– She cannot go to the Indian restaurant. It is too spicy.

– She cannot stand hot food?

– No, she has too much heat inside. With spicy food she might lose a lot of fluid.

– What if she just drinks some water?

– No Indian restaurant, ok?


The World According To Suzie

From Richard Mason’s The World of Suzie Wong, a sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic love story set in 1950s Hong Kong:

“Suzie thereafter would drop in at my room at all hours of the day and and night – and when she was not dropping in she would be telephoning.

The telephone calls were made for no reason at all, except that she had a passion for telephones and could not see one without itching to use it. She would ring me from all over Hong Kong.

‘Hallo! This is Molly!’ The Molly joke was perennial and growing increasingly vulgar.

‘Hallo, Molly.’

‘You gave me a bad time last night!’ (She always shouted on the telephone, and I had to hold the instrument six inches away from my ear.)


She giggled, then abruptly abandoned Molly and became Suzie again.”

(From The World of Suzie Wong, Book One, Chapter Five)

While the main characters’ naiveté might at times go on your nerves, the nostalgic descriptions of the city and the plot compensate those weaker aspects. The movie inspired by the novel seems a bit too cheesy though.